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Arduino Uno Sensor Shield V5.0

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Sensor Shield V5.0 sensor expansion board

Latest Sensor Shield V5.0 sensor expansion boardStill only uses stack design , the motherboard will not only UnoAll digital and analog

interfaces to extend out of the steering line order form , but also ad hoc IIC interface ,Servo Controller Interface,Bluetooth ModuleA

communication interface , SD card interface module in communication ,APC220 RF ModuleA communication interface ,Ultrasonic

sensorsInterface ,12864 LCDSerial and parallel interfaces , independent expansion out more convenient to use . For beginners , not for the

cumbersome and complex circuit connection and a headache , will simplify this circuit sensor expansion board in the true sense , can easily be

used to connect the sensor , a sensor requires only a common 3P sensor cable ( regardless of digital cable and analog cable ) , after the

completion of the circuit connection , write the corresponding program to thecontrollerRead the sensor data, or receive wireless module return

data , through arithmetic processing , and ultimately easy to complete your own interactive works .


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