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Arduino Uno Joystick Shield

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direct plug puzzle board, NO soldering needed.

   Five momentary push buttons (4+ joystick select button, just like the playstation 3 analog stick push button)

   two-axis thumb joystick

   specification: The push buttons are connected to digital pins 2-6; the related pin will be low when a certain button is pressed. Joystick

   Y-Axis movement will produce a proportional analog voltage on analog pin 0, while, Joystick X-Axis movement will produce a analog signal on analog pin 1.

   Add nRF24L01 RF interface

   With Nokia 5110 LCD interface, so very easy to game development.

   Adding a Bluetooth module interface, convenient Bluetooth wireless serial communication.

   Add I2C communication interface, easy connectivity to I2C devices

   Meanwhile, JoyStick Shield with a cross PS2 joystick with buttons, there are four round buttons, 2 small buttons. Provides for joystick and buttons input expansion. Onboard switches can switch between 3.3V and 5V, can use this model for other 3.3V microcontroller platforms, such as STM32.


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