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AHT10 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor Measurement Module I2C Communication 1.8V-6.0V High Precision Replace DHT11SHT20

Please receive this module and leave it in the environment with humidity greater than 80% for 12 hours to ensure the accuracy is restored.

The AHT10, a new generation of temperature and humidity sensors, sets a new standard in size and intelligence: it is embedded in a dual-row flat leadless SMD package for reflow soldering with a 4 x 5mm bottom and a height of 1.6mm. The sensor outputs a calibrated digital signal in standard I 2C format. The AHT10 is equipped with a newly designed ASIC-specific chip, an improved MEMS semiconductor capacitive humidity sensing element and a standard on-chip temperature sensing element. Its performance has been greatly improved beyond the reliability level of previous generation sensors. The first generation of temperature and humidity sensors have been improved to make them more stable in harsh environments.

1. Module size: 16*11 mm
2. Interface type: I2C
3. Working voltage: 1.8 – 6.0 V
4. Interface size: 4*2.54mm pitch
5. Humidity accuracy: typical ± 2%
6. Humidity resolution: 0.024%
7. Temperature accuracy: typical ± 0.3 ° C
8. Temperature resolution: Typical 0.01 °C
9. Working temperature: -40°C–85°C


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