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5V LCD 1602 green backlit LCD screen 1602A-5V

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Standard 16X2 LCD display character modules

1602 a standard 16-pin interfaces, including:
1th feet: VSS power
2nd leg: VDD 5V power supply
3rd leg: V0 for liquid crystal display contrast adjustment side, contrast when the weakest are power supply, grounding power the greatest contrast, contrast is too high will have a “ghosting”, can be used by a 10K potentiometer to adjust the contrast
4th leg: RS to register options, select a data register, high level low level select the instruction register.
The 5th foot: r/w for read/write signal lines, high voltage for read operations, to write low level. When RS and RW work for low level address can be written instructions or, as RS for low-level RW for high level can be read off busy signals, when RS RW high level to low level data can be written.
6th leg: e end-for-end, when e duanyou-level jumps to a low level, LCD module executes the command.
Di7~14 feet: D0~D7 for 8-bit bidirectional data line.
The 15th foot: backlight power supply cathode
The 16th foot: backlight power supply negative pole


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