LCD Keypad Shield input-output expansion board using the two -line 16 character LCD with contrast adjustment and backlight , using an analog input port will complete five buttons , a reset button , unused IO ports are extended out of the reserve, make full use of IO ports . Occupancy figures port : PIN4 (DB4), 5 (DB5), 6 (DB6), 7 (DB7), 8 (RS), 9 (E), 10 ( backlight control ) , an analog button port A0. (LCD color is not specified, the random delivery. )
Used in conjunction with Roboduino :
Module debugging :
       The LCD Keypad Shield plugged into the controller, then you need to download LCD4Bit_mod.h ( Right Save As ) library files to -0015 \ hardware \ libraries , and then compile the following test program and then downloaded to the initial use of LCD Keypad Shield , the first observation there is no LCD display character , if there is no contrast display characters that may be incorrect , you can use a flathead screwdriver to adjust RP1 ( clockwise rotation ) , the characters can be transferred to emerge clearly


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