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the module performance and stability, measure the distance accurately. Can and abroadSRF05, SRF02Such as ultrasonic ranging module comparable.Module high-precision, blind (25cm), stable range is the success of this product to the market a strong basis.

OElectrical performance:
Lead length 2.5M

OProduct Features:
1, Small size, easy to use;
2, Low voltage, low power consumption;
3, High measurement accuracy;
4, Strong anti-interference;
5, Integrated closed water with a line probe for wet, harsh measurement occasions.


1, the horizontal range;
2, obstacle avoidance, automatic control;
3, Objects close, there is perceived
4, traffic control;
5, security, industrial control;
6, Artificial intelligence, teaching and research

The basic working principle:
(1)Using IOTRIGTrigger ranging, to at least 10us high-level signal;
(2)The module automatically sends8A 40khz square wave, automatically detect whether there is signal return;
(3) There is a signal return via IOECHOOutput oneAHigh, high duration is the time from the launch of the ultrasound to the return.Test distance = (high time * sound speed (340M / S)) / 2;
The use of this module is simple, a control mouth made a 10US above the high level, you can wait for the reception of high-level output. An output can be opened timer time, when the mouth becomes low when you can read The value of the timer, this time for the distance of time, can calculate the distance. Such a continuous cycle measurement, which can be measured to achieve the value of your move.


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