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High and low temperature advantages

The product can be used for a long time.

This type of solenoid valve plastic made of PA

Good heat dissipation effect, under normal circumstances

Insulation of high grade with waterproof and damp proof, wear resistance

Corrosion resistance, the advantages of high and low temperature resistance

The coil is currently the world’s top coil package packaging, waterproof and moisture-proof, wear-resistant anti-corrosion

Model: TS101

Body material: PA

Working temperature: 90 ℃

Nominal diameter: 8mm

Sealing material: rubber

Working medium: tap water, pure water

Nominal pressure: 0-0.8MPA

Size: 9 * 6 * 6cm

Weight: 110g


High and low temperature advantages

Good heat dissipation effect

Waterproof and damp proof

Wear-resistant anti-corrosion


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