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Low-Power Wifi Module:ESP8266

   Low-power Bluetooth module : HC-05 HC-06

   Low-power Wireless UART module : HC-11 HC-12

   Low-power wireless module : CC1101 CC2500 Nrf24l01+

   Low-power LED Driver

  • Low Noise, Regulated Charge Pump DC⁄DC Converter
  • 2 in 1 DC-DC Step-Down & Step-Up Converter module
  • 1. Fixed 3.3V+-4% Output
  • 2. Voltage Input Range: 1.8~5V ( You can use two of this module to use the 1.2V NiMH batteries).
  • 3. Long time maximum output current 100mA
  • 4. Short time maximum output current 150mA
  • 5. working frequency 1.2MHz.
  • 6. Short-Circuit Protection
  • 7. No load input current : 0.65mA
  • 8. 2.54mm pin pitch, for Breadboard MCU Development Board friendly
  • 9. Excluding Pin Size 11mm x 7.62mm x 4.5mm(small


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