2.5A power-enhanced motor drive module with silicone line, pin, terminal, whose power supply voltage can be 2V ~ 10V, and it can drive two DC motors or a 4-wire 2-phase stepper motor, also can achieve positive and negative Turn and speed function with thermal protection and can automatically restore.

Product Highlights:
1. Imported original professional motor drive chip, builting-in low-conduction internal resistance MOS switch, heat is minimal, no heat sink, energy saving, is your ideal choice when you use battery as power supply.

(L298N internal transistor switch, low efficiency, high fever, need to heat, bulky, the market is very easy to burn the L298N, are not using the original chip, this product can be replaced.

2. Dual 2.5A x 2, is more power than 1.5A motor-driven version. With built-in thermal protection circuit, do not worry about the motor stall burned, the temperature automatically after the recovery. (Currently on the market of intelligent car voltage and current are in this range)

3. Small size, light weight, 0 standby current.

1. module supply voltage: 2V-10V.
2. Signal input voltage: 1.8-7V.
3. Single Operating current: 2.5A;
4. Standby current: less than 0.1uA.
5. The mounting hole diameter: 2mm.
6. Product Size:3.3 * 3.1 * 0.5cm/1.3*1.22*1.97inch
7. Built-in common conduction circuit, when the input pin is left floating, the motor does not malfunction.
8. Built-in thermal protection circuit with hysteresis effects (TSD), without worrying about motor stall.

1. Power positive and negative reversed will certainly cause damage to the circuit.
2. Output is shorted to ground or output short circuit, and the motor stall, the chip will heat protection, but in the near or exceeding 10V voltage and peak current is greater than 2.5A situation can also cause chip burned.


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