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2-10pcs 28MM / 35MM / 45MM Metal Alligator Clip G98 Crocodile Electrical Clamp for Testing Probe Meter Black and Red with Plastic Boot

  • Alligator Clip Length (without silicone cover): approx 28mm
  • Housing: Insulating paste resin
  • Withstand voltage: 300V~5A
  • Connection: weldable wire
  • Small alligator clip: except the length of the rubber sleeve is 2.8CM, the width of the clip is 4MM
  • ¬†crocodile clip + thicken protective insulation sleeve
  • Rated current: 10A
  • The thickness of clip: about 0.5mm
  • Opening range of clip: 10mm
  • This alligator crocodile clip is composed of ecological materials.
  • With thickening protective insulating sleeve; it will be safer and more convenient to use.
  • Mainly used in electrical circuits, automobiles and batteries projects; will be a better smart choice for electrical engineer and DIY enthusiast.
  • Note: Spring and rivet can not be pure copper.
What’s in the Package:


  • 10 Red
  • 10 Black
  • 1 Red + 1 Black
  • 5 Red + 5 Black


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